Engaging The Supernatural – Apst. Joshua Selman (DAY 4 – First Service) 22/11/2020



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When it has to do with the spiritual more is required than being educated and exposed.
Isaiah 29:11- 12. There is a realm where the learned and the unlearned will have to submit to the rabbi.
All men are really the same except for 3 factors
1. The quality of the spiritual information and revelation you access to.
2. The quality of relationships that provides the leverage and a system of advantage to you.
3. The quality and dimension of spiritual knowledge that is upon a man.
The same Lord reaches unto all, but the difference lies in the above qualities.
There are no guarantees in life. Your guarantee is in the integrity of the one that sent you. We are weak because we do not trust in the one who sends us.
There are attributes of God that when you know, the enemy cannot manipulate you. If God can be polite enough to knock on the door of your heart, then you should know that the devil also needs your permission to come in.
God expects you to trust Him enough. Find out the conditions attached to the dimensions of the Kingdom.
Ordinary men become supernatural when they engage the law of faith. Know that time doesn’t change anything, it only reveals. It is your decision and conviction that comes from the revelation you have of God that will work for you.

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