Engaging The Supernatural – Apst. Joshua Selman (DAY4 – Second Service) 22/11/2020



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#ActivateConference Day 4
A door does not open because you are knocking, it opens because it has a key. Everyone of us is standing in front of a door at the mercy of a key.
The law of impartation is one of the keys that can turn ordinary people into signs and wonders.
Men on earth cannot achieve the purposes of God with the body of a flesh. Even though we share dominion, our dominion is shared-dominion which means it is dependent on God. We depend on the source. God created Grace to remedy this limitation.
Grace is a system God put in place to allow man’s ability fulfil God’s plans. It is the name given to every good and perfect gift given to the saint that can only be obtained from Christ; Faith, mercy, anointing etc are all grace.
You must introduce into your life the grace. You cannot purchase every spiritual blessing just because you are saved, you need grace and God knows the dimension of grace that is required at Everytime. He is able.

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