Marriage – Pst. Tinu Asegieme (FS) 19/05/19


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Message Text: Matthew 19:3-6

Date– 19th May 2019


Marriage is not your idea or mine, God created marriage for a purpose. If you want to know the purpose of a thing, ask the creator. Holiness is required of us even as married couple. Holiness is a keynote in God’s reign. Moses permitted divorce because of the hardness of man’s heart, but Jesus said it was not so from the beginning. Divorce is not Gods will for us. Everything you see that is working, there is someone who is behind working hard to make it work. No marriage is a dead marriage, all you need is the willingness to make sacrifices that will change the direction of that marriage and make it work again.

We are living in a time where everyone wants to win the argument. Everything in the world will pass away, but the will of God will stand forever. Your home is a colony of heaven. Do not envy what is in the world. Everything in the world is a sinking sand. That you earn more than your husband does not mean you will not submit to him. If any man be in Christ, not in church he is a new creature.

As a believer you must always measure your spiritual walk, in your personal life and marriage. One of the ways to measure your spiritual walk, is to know your #Love strength.

That thing that you are looking for outside your husband, is in him. You must learn to look inwards, and make that marriage work. No marriage is that bad. Abigail was submitted even to a foolish man. You are a help meet to a man. God made Eve to see Adam in his sleeping and helpless state so she will understand her purpose.

The reason you keep feeling frustrated in marriage, is because you keep looking unto man rather than God. A submission that you cannot practice at home, do not practice it at work. You must first submit to your husband. Many of us are committed to cause that is not relevant.

Love is the origin of every marriage, no two haters get married. Something just went wrong along the line. Go back home and fix it. Husband you cannot raise your hand to hit your help meet, the heaven over you will close. A woman is created for a purpose. God knows the power of a bending knee, so you ought to pray always for your marriage to stand through difficulties.

Wife, your husband is the king of the home, pray him to kingship. A woman is a cover to her husband. Protect him, intercede for him.
The man is the priest of the family,strive to set the right side of your marriage up.

#handsome man is one whose hand is carrying something not just in physical appearance.
Women put your husbands on the throne, so that you can reign too. Reverence the Jesus in your home. 1 Peter 3:2. Love does not die, it is for children. That is why the Bible tells us to be like these little children. They are quick to forgive and let go, they do not harbor evil in their hearts . You must also learn to be vulnerable in your marriage, that is how you will win. God bless you.

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