Walking in Authority Part 2 By Pastor Ajadi Adeolu



Ministering: Pastor Ajadi Adeolu
Text: Luke 10:19 ;Romans 13:3-5
Topic: Walking in Authority

God wants us to operate and live in the consciousness of authority. It is not enough for you to know that you have authority or God has given you authority. You must be able to exercise that authority. Without the knowledge of exercising authority, the authority becomes useless.
God wants us to have the rudiment to be able to exercise and walk in this authority. We have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God.

1. The Authority of sonship: For us to walk and operate in authority, every believer must understand that the ability to walk in authority is activated by your knowledge of the authority that comes through sonship. When the Bible talks about sonship, it doesn’t only refer to the male child. This thinking limits our understanding of the authority that comes from sonship(John 1:12 AMPC). The authority of Sonship is for all who has received Christ.

When God was speaking in Jordan, He used ‘only-begotten Son’ (John 1:12). The Son used there is Yichus (matured son). To the Jews, the concept of Sonship is not about the male gender but an ‘office’. Another highlight of the Jews culture is that a son is one who has a full package and can act on behalf of the father.
Luke 3:38; In the Old Testament, there was only one person that was described as the son of God (Adam). When Adam fell, there was no more son of God. So the people waited for the coming of the Son of God. Abraham, Moses were friends of God (Exodus 33:11). David was the man after God’s heart.

The “Son of God” was not just a title, rather it was a position of authority and of power. When you see the Son, you have seen the Father. Jesus came not as the second Adam or as the second son of God. Jesus came as the last Adam (1st Corinthians 15:45). We are of the order of the last Adam that had the full authority and backing of the sonship of God. The understanding of this makes you live in the realization that the full strength of God is behind you. Identity of who you are, what you have and what you can do in Christ will change your perspective.

A man who has lost his identity must be made to recover his identity. If he is placed in a position that requires identity to be sustained. He will stand the risk of losing that position if he doesn’t know his identity. God is living through you. As long as you don’t see the reflection of your father in you, you have lost your identity. Your identity is critical to your walk in authority. You have the authority to call yourself the son of God.

2. You have been given authority (Matthew 28:18 AMPC); It’s one thing for us to know that we have authority to be sons of God and there’s another layer of authority, that layer came when Jesus rose from the dead. The first layer of authority was the Sonship. Luke 10:19; Jesus did not confer all authority to man. When Jesus died (Colossians 2:15) All authority in the heavens and on earth was HIS.

We are not called to feel, we are called to know (2nd Corinthians 5:7). Christianity is not a work of feeling but a walk of faith. A man who has authority speaks boldly in faith. In the spiritual world, there’s one means of exchange, and that is the ‘word’. (Genesis 1:1). The only way to defeat the devil is to counter him with the ‘word’. Because you are the order of God, everything you say, you will see (Matthew 4:4). Say only what you want to see.

3. Stay under authority (Luke 7:8); the potency of authority is completely dependent on your submission of the authority above you.

1. He speaks with confidence and he speaks forth rightly
2. He makes declarations and decrees.

Another layer of the authority God has given to us is stepping out in His name. Stepping out in God’s name is not the same as calling His name. Stepping out in His name is the power given to you to represent Him. Demons do not tremble at the name of Jesus but at the one that carries His name.

1. Government (Romans 13:1)
2. Parent
3. Husband
4. Elders in the church
You cannot exercise authority except you stay under your God’s ordained authority
In the family, when an authority is wrong, you are not called to fight that authority by yourself but appeal to the higher authority (Christ). As sons and daughters of God, you have authority to use the name of Jesus, when you do that every force in hell will bow to the authority of Christ in your life.


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Walking in Authority Part 2 By Pastor Ajadi Adeolu